Put Me in Coach

Last night at dinner, a few friends accused me of being an armchair quarterback. Well Tony, what would you do to stop the violence in Chicago? So, I’m putting on my Raven’s jersey and I’m blogging with a no huddle offense. Obviously, Chicago should never be in this situation. But it is what it is and now it’s time to take action! Let’s go!

As a former Deputy of Operations, I was the offensive coordinator for the team. Here’s my play book:

•Know the Opposing Team…do you have confirmed intelligence on the most violent individuals and gangs? Have you identified the worst areas? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Have an intelligence meeting where all city, state and federal agencies share information.

• Know Your Team Capabilities…have you identified your most productive officers? Who has solid relationships with the community and a track record of arresting violent offenders? After vetting, assemble the team for the CPD Stabilization of Chicago Effort. Notify Federal law enforcement agencies with operations in Chicago, their participation is wanted.

•Review Your Offensive Plays…ensure your team is abreast of legal issues and trained in de-escalation through critical thinking and basic tactics. There will be police involved incidents and your team must be properly prepared.

•Color Commentary from the Analysts…the Mayor, Chief and his Public Information Officer start a media blitz to advise the public what’s coming. Citizens, community leaders, businesses, churches, schools, hospitals, correction officials, and courts must be notified at the highest levels.

•Kick Off…for this effort, CPD must deploy resources to the worst area for violence. The National Guard should be deployed to the other areas. This is about focus. Don’t have the courage to call in the Guard – there are other options!

•Offensive Line…deploy all resources and be as visible possible. With few exceptions, there are no plainclothes during this operation. Everyone is in their Home jersey!

•Review Instant Replays…inspect deployment and use management meetings to ensure you’re on track. Watch for blitzes and fumbles. If the criminals kill or shoot in your deployment area while on the field, you might be benched. This ensures you are on the winning team.

I can assure you, without a doubt, this will put Chicago in range to take the city into the violence reduction end zone! I’m trying to help. I pray to God someone in Chicago will take my advice.


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